The aim of this page is to organize and offer information that's difficult to find elsewhere. This includes a boss guide that offers a variety of strategies for various jobs and challenges (mainly the Four Job Fiesta) as well as a list of what status effects each boss is vulnerable to (something I've failed to find elsewhere), and a status effect guide that tells you every method to inflict a status effect and which jobs can access these.
Special Thanks to the following for helping me make this guide:
J.L. Tseng's Algorithm's Guide which has a ton of handy information that I've used for my guides.
This spreadsheet filled in by various people that has all sorts of enemy data which I've used for various guides.
The Something Awful Fiesta Goons for answering my many questions and for all the advice and expertise they've offered me, especially for the boss guide.

May 8, 2022: I'm finally updating the Boss Guide! This will be a slowish process as I play through FF5PR and build up a bunch of save files for testing purposes, but along the way I will clean up and add more strategies to each boss entry while also replacing screenshots with boss sprites (since the PR pictures were a bit too big to work well). I encourage anyone reading with suggestions/corrections to please contact me through Twitter or Discord (Mega64#3670). The hope is to get the updated guide essentially done by the start of the next fiesta, but we'll see how it goes.
November 15, 2021: It's been awhile! This update is mainly to warn new readers that there are some mechanical changes done to the recent rerelease of Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster, so strategies from the boss guide may not work in that version. Once the game gets updated enough (there's already one update on the horizon with a few mechanics changes planned), I'll work on updating the boss guide with the various changes and hopefully get it ready by the time the next fiesta hits.
June 2, 2019: I made a second version of the boss status vulnerabilities chart that lists bosses in chronological order and also has the GBA names. This should be handy for fiesta players. I also added more drop-downs on the main menu to make navigation slightly more convenient. I'll probably work on more skills next, but we'll see how it goes and how much free time I get.
May 12, 2019: I actually did this last week, but I made a chart of all boss status vulnerabilities for quick and easy use. I designed it for Career Day (and thus use the RPGe names), but it could work for Fiestas and other challenge runs. I may do a chronological version using the GBA names at a later time.
April 21, 2019: Fiesta season is coming, so I'll probably get back to working on stuff soon! In the meantime, with the development of FF5 Open World Randomizer Career Day going well, I went ahead and made an Ability Guide to help players that may be unfamiliar with the game.
My To Do for the rest of the site is to finish the !Mix page and then slowly add more skill pages. I also want to update the Job Pages, I've got Blue Mage and Black Mage how I want them now, but this will likely be a slow process. Beyond that, I may tweak the boss page a bit, but that's low priority for now. I may also write a couple more things to help Career Day players down the line. At any rate, these are my plans for the next few months, we'll see how far into them I get!
June 2, 2018: I actually did these changes some days earlier, but forgot to document them. Anyway, I added some commentary to the Blue Magic guide, and then made a Black Magic guide because why not. I'll probably add the other magic schools in the coming weeks.
May 19, 2018: Blue Magic Guide is complete! Contact me however if I messed something up. I'll probably take a break on this site for a bit before I tackle other stuff.
May 16, 2018: Worked on the Blue Magic Guide today. Added a few more spells, now have 20/30 up. Also adjusted some of the older references, like adding some Sunken Tower of Walse enemies (since most Blue Magic can be learned there, who knew?) and removing impossible entries where I forgot about targeting limitations or whatever. For now, this will likely be my primary priority since it won't take too long to get done.
May 15, 2018: Fixed the formatting for the Status Effects pages. That leaves the Job pages and any tweaking needed for the Boss Guide, and I'll be done with appearance stuff and can focus on actually adding things! Also imported the category descriptions from the old site.
May 12, 2018: Satisfied enough with the layout, may tweak here and there. Anyway there's a ton of weird formatting stuff I'd like to fix in the Jobs, Status Effects, and Drop/Steal Guides (Drop/Steal Guides are done for now!) so I'll probably focus on that this weekend.
May 6, 2018: I've now ported all my work from my old page to this one! Of course, that's just the beginning.

- Replace the PS1 screenshots in the Boss Guide with GBA Pixel Remaster ones. Maybe this will be the Fiesta I finally do that.
- Update the Boss Guide and possibly other guides with the various changes made for Pixel Remaster.
- Finish fixing minor formatting issues scattered around the site. All that's really left is the Jobs subpages and maybe some tweaking with the Boss Guide.
- Start a Catch guide...? Seems I always start a new guide every year, and that's one I've got a request for, so maybe!
- Finally flesh out the Jobs pages beyond what status effects they inflict.