This guide lists the boss names (using the RPGe | PS1 | GBA/PR translation names respectively), classifications (with Heavy having specific properties for stuff like immunities and debuff durations), stats (PD/MD are physical/magical defense, PE/ME is evasion), status vulnerabilities, a basic description of the boss AI, and tips for tackling the bosses. Note that there's four versions with various differences, so if there's a version-specific strategy to mention, I'll denote that using these icons (otherwise the strategy will work in all versions):




 Pixel Remaster

 Matrix (Discontinued)


If you find any errors or have extra tips, let me know through Twitter or Discord (Mega64#3670)

Test FORM 1
Name: WingRaptor | Wingrapter | Wing Raptor (Heavy)
Stats: 250HP | 25MP | LVL 1
Defenses: PD 0 | PE 0% | MD 10 | ME 10%
Vulnerable to Death, Poison, Blind, Old, Sleep, Paralyze, Confuse, Berserk, Silence, Stop, Slow.

Attack Patterns:

Wing Raptor will do two attacks (which can be either a physical attack or party-wide Breath Wing attack for 1/4 Max HP damage) before switching to a second form that will counter physical attacks with a defense-piercing special attack. Otherwise, this second form will do nothing for two turns before swapping back to the first form.
* Attack Form 1 while you can. You should get two rounds of attacks before it switches forms. Don't get too greedy and try to rush more attacks before it switches, or else you might eat a nasty counter.
* Don't attack Wing Raptor while its wings are shielding it (Form 2). Use this time to heal with Potions if needed. Don't bother using Phoenix Downs since those are expensive, you don't get EXP from this boss, and after it swaps back to Form 1 it'll be nearly dead anyway.


Name: WingRaptor | Wingrapter | Wing Raptor (Heavy)
Stats: 250HP | 0MP | LVL 2
Defenses: PD 20 | PE 40% | MD 10 | ME 10%
Vulnerable to Death, Poison, Blind, Old, Sleep, Paralyze, Confuse, Berserk, Silence, Stop, Slow.
Name: Karlabos | Karl Boss | Karlabos (Heavy)
Stats: 650HP | 100MP | LVL 5
Defenses: PD 0 | PE 0% | MD 10 | ME 0%
Weak to Bolt.
Vulnerable to Stop, Slow.

Attack Patterns:

This boss can do three things: Physical attack, use a paralysis-inflicting special attack, or use Tail Screw, which lowers one target to single-digit HP.
* Don't be afraid to use Potions if you don't have White Magic (or your White Mage is paralyzed). Tail Screw can be nasty, and it's better to be safe than sorry, especially with paralysis being thrown around so much.
* Blue Mages may want to hit L5 first so they can use Goblin Punch to do significant damage (GP does x8 damage if your level matches the enemy's). Black Mages will obviously want to use lightning magic.
* Although it sucks and I don't like to recommend it, some jobs for specific challenges may have to grind to have enough damage output to beat him. White Mages get more attack multipliers at L8, Thieves at L5 and L10/L11 (depending on character). Solo challenges have it even tougher thanks to paralysis and will likely need to grind Elixirs from Moldwynds in the Wind Shrine.
Name: Siren | Siren | Siren (Human, Heavy)
Stats: 900HP | 200MP | LVL 2
Defenses: PD 0 | PE 0% | MD 20 | ME 0%
Vulnerable to Death, Stone, Poison, Blind, Old, Paralyze, Confuse, Berserk, Stop, Slow. 
Attack Patterns:
Siren starts off casting various spells, buffs (Haste, Protect, Cure), debuffs (Silence, Slow, Sleep), or attacks (Ice, Bolt). After three rounds, she'll change to her undead form, which does three rounds of physical attacks, with her special attacks poisoning characters. After this, she reverts to her first form and everything repeats.
* Her human form has high magic defense but low defense, with the reverse true for her undead form. Mages will want to heal during her human form before blasting her with Fire or Cure, while physical jobs should attack her during her human form and then heal or throw Potions at her during her undead form.
* Siren hits too hard for it to be worth healing the poison from her Undead form, so it's better to wait to heal it after the battle is over.
* Don't forget that the Knight's !Guard ability nullifies all physical damage, which can be handy for her Undead form, especially if there's low-HP allies to Cover or you can combine it with the Monk's Counter passive.
* If you need better weapons, there is a Flail for the White Mage/Freelancer at the beginning of the Ship Graveyard, while Skeletons have Daggers as their rare drop for Thieves.
Name: Siren | Siren | Siren (Human, Heavy, Undead)
Stats: 900HP | 200 MP | LVL 2
Defenses: PD 12 | PE 0% | MD 0 | ME 0%
Weak to Fire. Absorbs Poison.
Vulnerable to Death, Stone, Blind, Slow.

Name: Magisa | Magissa | Magissa (Human)
Stats: 650HP | 200MP | LVL 8
Defenses: PD 0 | PE 0% | MD 0 | ME 0%
Vulnerable to Poison, Blind, Silence, Stop, Slow.
Attack Patterns:
Magisa will alternate between a L1 Black Magic spell and either Aero, Drain, or a physical attack. When Magisa hits under 300HP, she will summon Forza and cast Regen on him. Forza only uses physical attacks.
* Magisa can (and should if possible) be silenced. Doing this will nullify most of her offense. Be sure to reapply Silence occasionally, as it will wear off over time.
* If you have the offense, once Magisa's down to slightly over 300HP, you can rush and kill her before she gets a turn to completely skip the step where she summons Forza. Useful abilities for this include the Monk's !Focus, and Goblin Punch if your !Blue users are L8. If desperate, breaking the Frost Rod works great for this as well. 
* Black Mages can use Sleep on Forza. Blue Mages can blind Forza with Flash, found in North Mountain by using an Ether on Tombstones. White Mages can cut Forza's damage with Protect (best used before he shows up, while Magisa is Silenced and helpless). And there's always the ol' !Guard/Counter combo.
Name: Forza | Faltzer | Forza (Human, Heavy)
Stats: 850HP | 100MP | LVL 8
Defenses: PD 3 | PE 0% | MD 5 | ME 0%
Vulnerable to Poison, Blind, Old, Sleep, Paralyze, Confuse, Berserk, Silence, Stop, Slow.
Name: Galura | Garula | Garula (Creature)
Stats: 1200HP | 100MP | LVL 3
Defenses: PD 7 | PE 0% | MD 4 | ME 0%
Vulnerable to Death, Stone, Toad, Poison, Blind, Old, Paralyze, Confuse, Berserk, Silence, Stop, Slow.
Attack Patterns:
At first, all Garula does is physical attacks. Once under 800HP, Garula will counter any attack with a physical attack, plus a chance of either a second attack or a special attack that inflicts HP leak. Garula can also untoad itself if Toaded for...some reason.
* Though Garula can untoad itself, you can still use Toad Song as a Blue Mage to force it to waste turns doing so while you attack it (or simply run it out of its meager MP completely). A White Mage could also silence it to prevent Garula from changing itself back (and keep it in an endless loop of trying to untoad itself).
* More fun with status effects: Blue Mages with Flash can make Garula significantly less threatening. White Mages should obviously use Protect. Freelancers can use the Whip drop from Magisa to lock Garula into paralysis.
* Monks should use Focus to avoid effectively half of Garula's counter attacks.
* Any party with a Knight can put the other three allies at near-death while having the Knight use Guard every round, automatically covering any ally taking damage with the Knight taking none. Alternatively, using the Iron Shield/Armor and Mythril Helmet from North Mountain will make a Knight indestructible beyond Sap. As usual, use Counter for bonus damage.
* Thieves should steal Mythril Daggers from Wyverns (or Y-Burns for you purists) to gain some much-needed offense. Ice Soldiers also have Mythril Swords to steal for Knights and Blue Mages.

Name: Shiva | Shiva | Shiva (Human, Heavy)
Stats: 1500HP | 1000MP | LVL 11
Defenses: PD 0 | PE 0% | MD 0 | ME 0%
Weak to Fire. Absorbs Ice.
Vulnerable to Poison, Blind, Slow.

Attack Patterns:

Shiva will alternate casting Ice2 on the front and back rows. The Ice Commanders do physical attacks.


* This is a difficult battle if you try it as soon as it's accessible. Luckily, this fight can be done at any time before you finish World 1, so you can always come back and try again later.


* As far as trying this fight ASAP, your best bet is stopping the Commanders with status effects. Blue Mages can use Flash to make them miss attacks and Toad Song (gotten in the same dungeon!) to flat-out nullify them. Black Mages can do the same with Sleep. White Mage has Protect to weaken their attacks. Of course, none of this really helps against Shiva...


* Your next option is to visit the Tower of Walse. Ricard Mages there have Flame Rods as a rare drop, and breaking one or two of those should end the battle easily, assuming you can equip them.

 Flame Rods can be used in the item menu in this version, which means you don't break your equipped Flame Rod and thus can boost the broken Flame Rod! Granted, that's probably overkill for this boss, but this is an invaluable tool for future battles...


* If the above is not an option, then wait until you get the Water Crystal jobs. Mystic Knight will have Fire and Sleep sword to help, Time Mage can use Slow on Shiva and the Commanders, Summoner can use Remora to stun the Commanders, and Red Mage may add more flexibility to your team. And of course, you might unlock a new job that can break rods if you're doing a fiesta or challenge run.


* If that still isn't enough, going to Karnak and then back should definitely help. Black Mages, Red Mages, and Mystic Knight get a major damage boost with Fira. White Mages and Red Mages get Confuse for the Commanders and Cura to heal through Shiva's damage. Flame Rods can be bought there and those will trivialize this fight. And even beyond that, you'll have plenty of upgraded gear and maybe a few more levels after all that, which should help significantly.


* If that still isn't enough, then just come back later. Wait until the end of World 1 if you want, or just skip Shiva entirely since she's optional and honestly it's pointless to grab her if you're not using Summoner or trying to get all summons/bestiary entries or whatever.

Name: Commander | IceComandr | Ice Commander (Human)
Stats: 600HP | 200MP | LVL 4
Defenses: PD 0 | PE 10% | MD 0 | ME 0%
Weak to Fire. Absorbs Ice.
Vulnerable to Death, Stone, Toad, Poison, Blind, Old, Sleep, Paralyze, Confuse, Berserk, Silence, Stop, Slow.

FORM 1 (Human)
Name: LiquiFlame | LiqudFlame | Liquid Flame
Stats: 3000HP | 100MP | LVL 19
Defenses: PD 0 | PE 20% | MD 15 | ME 0%
Weak to Ice. Absorbs Fire, Air.
Vulnerable to Death, Confuse.
FORM 2 (Hand)
Name: LiquiFlame | LiqudFlame | Liquid Flame (Heavy)
Stats: 3000HP | 30MP | LVL 19
Defenses: PD 0 | PE 10% | MD 30 | ME 0%
Absorbs Fire. Immune to Water, Air, Earth, Holy, Poison, Lightning, Ice.
Vulnerable to Death, Confuse.
FORM 3 (Tornado)
Name: LiquiFlame | LiqudFlame | Liquid Flame
Stats: 3000HP | 50MP | LVL 19
Defenses: PD 0 | PE 30% | MD 0 | ME 15%
Weak to Ice. Absorbs Fire, Air. Immune to Water, Poison.
Vulnerable to Death, Confuse.
Attack Patterns:

Whenever Liquid Flame takes damage, it will perform a counter-attack depending on its current form and then change into one of its other two forms. The human form will either do physical attacks or Blaze, a fire attack that hurts everyone for MaxHP/4 damage. When hit, it counters with Blaze. The hand form does physical attacks, including a special attack that can inflict paralysis. Attacking it causes it to counter with a single-target Fira. The tornado phase does nothing but cast Fira on itself, healing it. Attacking this form has it counter with Magnet, which brings a back-row member to the front row (but does nothing otherwise).


* Liquid Flame has low MP, so a good strategy is to let it waste its MP on casting Fira on itself during its Tornado form. This won't affect Blaze, but it means the Tornado form gives you time to breathe and heal for future rounds without undoing the damage you've done to it, letting you go for pure offense for the other two forms. If doing so, consider killing off Berserkers beforehand so they don't mess up the phase changes.

* As you may expect, Ice magic is powerful against this boss, though the Hand form is immune to Ice. This means Blizzara Sword will do nothing to it, so be sure to have a regular physical attack ready to force a form change.

* It's vulnerable to Confuse in all three forms, though I haven't tested yet to see how effective a strategy confusing it would be.

* Focus is useful here since using it means less counter-attacks to deal with.

Name: Sergeant | Sergeant | Sergeant
Stats: 1000HP | 25MP | LVL 0
Defenses: PD 0 | PE 0% | MD 10 | ME 10%
Vulnerable to Death, Stone, Poison, Blind, Old, Sleep, Paralyze, Confuse, Berserk, Silence, Stop, Slow.

Name: Karnak | Karnak | Cur Nakk (Creature)
Stats: 140HP | 25MP | LVL 19
Defenses: PD 0 | PE 0% | MD 0 | ME 20%
Vulnerable to Death, Stone, Toad, Poison, Blind, Old, Sleep, Paralyze, Confuse, Berserk, Silence, Stop, Slow.

Name: Iron Claw | Iron Claw | Iron Claw
Stats: 900HP | 150MP | LVL 39
Defenses: PD 20 | PE 0% | MD 10 | ME 10%
Vulnerable to all status effects.
Attack Patterns:

The Sergeant does nothing but orders the Cur Nakk dogs to attack the party. When the Sergeant is alone, they transform into Iron Claw. Iron Claw uses physical attacks and Death Claw, which paralyzes a target and puts them at single-digit HP.


* Unless you want a Blue Mage to learn Death Claw, there's no reason to fight the Iron Claw. You can get around the fight simply by killing the Sergeant before the Cur Nakks.

* Otherwise, these enemies are susceptible to a wide variety of status effects, though with the time limit going on it'd be faster to just go all-out on offense.
Name: Ifrit | Ifrit | Ifrit (Heavy)
Stats: 3000HP | 1000MP | LVL 22
Defenses: PD 10 | PE 20% | MD 20 | ME 10%
Weak to Water, Ice. Absorbs Fire. Immune to Poison.
Vulnerable to Death, Stone, Poison, Blind, Old, Paralyze, Confuse, Berserk, Silence, Stop, Slow.

Attack Patterns:

Each round, Ifrit has a chance to use Blaze, an attack that hurts everybody for 1/4 their max HP. Otherwise, he alternates between casting Fira and physical attacks, including one that can inflict paralysis.


* The fire summon is obviously weak to water and ice attacks. Blizzara, Blizzara Sword, breaking/fighting with Ice Rods, Shiva, and Water Scrolls will all do good damage. Aqua Rake is an exception since it technically isn't water-elemental.

* Otherwise, take advantage of his status vulnerabilities, such as Blind, Silence, Confuse, and Slow.


Name: Byblos | Biblos | Byblos (Creature)
Stats: 3600HP | 1000MP | LVL 24
Defenses: PD 10 | PE 30% | MD 30 | ME 20%
Weak to Fire. Absorbs Water, Air, Earth, Holy, Poison, Lightning, Ice.
Vulnerable to Poison, Blind, Paralyze, Berserk, Slow.

Attack Patterns:

Byblos has a variety of nasty attacks, including the slow-inducing Thread, MP-halving Magic Hammer, Confuse, level-halving Shock Wave, and the party-hitting Wind Slash. His counters are even worse, reacting against physical attacks with Protect and against magic with Toad. Once he's under 800HP, he has a 2/3 chance of countering any damage with Drain.


* Use fire if at all possible. Flame Scrolls, Fira, Fira Sword, Fire Rods, Ifrit are all invaluable. Beastmasters may have access to fire-casting monsters at this point.

* Since Byblos isn't Heavy, Death Claw works on him. Of course, if you have Blue Mages, you may want to leave him alive a bit to potentially learn Magic Hammer.

* Teams without fire damage will have a much tougher time. Thieves should grind Hi-Potions from the Steamship since healing is big for this fight and Potions won't really cut it. Monks should use Focus to minimize the chances of Byblos countering. Knights should likewise use Two-handed. Berserkers...welp. Chances are though that you may have to grind a bit and rely on luck to beat him, which obviously sucks.

* The only status vulnerabilities that really matter are Blind (from Blue Mages that don't have Death Claw) and Paralyze (from Beastmaster's whips).

* For Beastmasters, releasing Page 32 casts Banish, which has a decent chance of instantly killing Byblos.


Name: Ramuh | Ramuh | Ramuh (Human)
Stats: 4000HP | 300MP | LVL 21
Defenses: PD 20 | PE 10% | MD 5 | ME 10%
Absorbs Lightning.
Vulnerable to Death, Mini, Blind, Berserk, Stop, Slow.

Attack Patterns:

Ramuh's attacks include physical attacks and Bolt 2. He will also use a weaker electrical attack and Flash to blind your party. He also counters Mini by casting Mini on your party.


* Ramuh is not heavy and vulnerable to instant death, so things like a Berserker's Death Sickle, releasing a Page 32 to cast Banish or a Chemist's Death Potion (if you wait until getting Chemist to fight Ramuh) will end the fight easily. Death Claw is also nice.

* Blue Mages could try casting Dark Shock to reduce Ramuh's level to 10, at which point he can be hit with L5 Death.

* Time Mages can Stop Ramuh, trivializing the fight.


Name: Sandworm | Sandworm | Sandworm (Desert, Heavy)
Stats: 3000HP | 10125MP | LVL 18
Defenses: PD 0 | PE 0% | MD 10 | ME 10%
Vulnerable to Slow.

Attack Patterns:

Sandworm will always either do physical attacks (1/3 chance) or use Quicksand, which does a flat 60 damage to the party and inflicts sap. It will randomly switch positions to one of the other two holes. Attacking the holes triggers a Demi counter.


* Sandworm is a desert creature, so Aqua Rake does 8x damage to it. Thus Blue Mages and Beastmasters can one shot this boss.

* Note that, despite the game telling you not to use magic, magic is perfectly fine to use. The holes only counter physical attacks, so even if you miss the Sandworm, you won't suffer a counter attack.

* Berserkers are a liability here, since they may target the holes and trigger Demi counters. This is even worse in the SNES version, where there are three extra dummy targets. It may be best to let Berserkers die before this fight. If you're doing an all-Berserker run, you're gonna have to grind for a long, long time and get really, really lucky for this one.


Name: CrayClaw | Clay Claw | Cray Claw (Creature, Heavy)
Stats: 2000HP | 500MP | LVL 43
Defenses: PD 25 | PE 0% | MD 25 | ME 10%
Weak to Lightning. Absorbs Water.
Vulnerable to Death, Stone, Poison, Blind, Old, Sleep, Paralyze, Confuse, Berserk, Silence, Stop, Slow

Attack Patterns:

It only has three attacks: Mucus, which slows a character, a regular physical attack, and Tailscrew, which reduces a character to single-digit HP. It usually uses Tailscrew.


* With its low HP, lightning damage will kill it quickly. Thundara Black/Sword Magic, Lightning Scrolls, Thunder Rods, and Ramuh make short work of it. Coral Swords, bought at Jacohl, are lightning-elemental and will also severely hurt Cray Claw.

* Otherwise, it's weak to a large variety of status effects. Blind, Sleep, Paralyze, Stop, and Confuse are all very effective in neutralizing its attacks and making it even less threatening.

* Vampire makes Tailscrew from a vaguely scary attack to a decent way to deal damage if you're lacking in thunder magic.


Name: AdamanTiMi | Adamantaim | Adamantoise
Stats: 2000HP | 125MP | LVL 20
Defenses: PD 25 | PE 0% | MD 5 | ME 50%
Weak to Ice.
Vulnerable to Death, Poison, Blind, Old, Berserk, Silence, Slow.

Attack Patters:

Nothing but physical attacks. Note that it starts the battle with Protect and Shell, and sometimes it'll do two physical attacks in a row.


* If you have a Blue Mage, L5 Death will kill it instantly. Otherwise, Berserkers and Beastmasters have ways to inflict instant death, which Adamantoise is vulnerable to.

* Otherwise, if you can, take advantage of its ice weakness.

* Amanantoise has a high physical defense and low magical defense, so even if you don't have ice magic, magical attacks will still do more damage than physicals.

* Berserker axes bypasses much of Amanantoise's high defenses, which is useful if Death Sickles aren't proccing Death.

* Otherwise, statuses like Blind and Slow will help a lot, as would Protect.


Name: Flamegun | FlameThrow | Flame Thrower
Stats: 2400HP | 125MP | LVL 22
Defenses: PD 15 | PE 0% | MD 20 | ME 10%
Weak to Lightning.
Vulnerable to Stop, Slow.

Attack Patterns:

It casts nothing but Flame Thrower, which is basically the Blue Magic equivalent to Fira.


* Exploit lightning weaknesses and its vulnerability to Stop and Slow.

* Blue Mages can learn Flame Thrower, so why not. Blue Mages can also Dark Shock twice and L5 Death them. Death Claw should also work.

* One Flame Ring from Istory will make a character unkillable.


Name: Rocket | Rocket Gun | Rocket Launcher
Stats: 2500HP | 200MP | LVL 23
Defenses: PD 20 | PE 0% | MD 15 | ME 10%
Weak to Lightning.
Vulnerable to Stop, Slow.

Attack Patterns:

Rocket Launchers will either cast Missile, which reduces the target to 1/4 their current HP, or Rocket Punch, which reduces the target to 1/2 their current HP and inflicts confusion.


* Again, exploit lightning weaknesses and its vulnerability to Stop and Slow.

* Again, Blue Mages can learn Missile, and exploit L5 Death with two Dark Shocks. And there's always Death Claw.


Name: Sol Cannon | Soul Gun | Soul Cannon (Heavy)
Stats: 22500HP (effectively 12501) | 1000MP | LVL 36
Defenses: PD 5 | PE 0% | MD 10 | ME 10%
Weak to Lightning. Immune to Water, Air, Poison.
Vulnerable to Slow.
Name: Launcher | Launcher | Launcher (Heavy)
Stats: 10800HP (effectively 801) | 1000MP | LVL 50
Defenses: PD 0 | PE 0% | MD 10 | ME 10%
Immune to Water, Air, Poison.
Vulnerable to Stop, Slow.

Attack Patterns:

The two Launchers will only use one attack, which attacks a target for half their HP and inflicts Old. They self-destruct when their HP is under 10,000, so they effectively have 800 HP. Soul Cannon only has one attack, the powerful Surge Beam that does lots of damage and inflicts sap, though text boxes will inform you of its status (Energy 128 means it's about to fire) and it takes awhile to go off. When Soul Cannon goes under 10,000HP, it also self-destructs.


* Destroy the Launchers first, as Old is a nasty status effect to have since it'll continuously reduce the target's level until they either die or have Esuna cast on them, and even then they'll be stuck at a lower level for the rest of the fight. L5 Death will do it quickly.

* That said, Angel Rings from Istory will prevent Old if it ends up being a major issue. You could also try Stopping the Launchers with Time Mage, Bard, or Beastmaster.

* For Soul Cannon itself, it's weak to lightning, and Slow will give a lot more time to recover between Surge Beams. Otherwise, have Cura/Nightingale/Healing Rod/Hi-Potions ready (or Fira/Fira Sword if you have Fire Rings). This fight may be a bit rough depending on the team but should still be manageable (unless, again, all Berserkers, in which case good luck!)

* This is one of the few fights where Hide shines, since Soul Cannon's only attack is highly telegraphed. Simply Hide when it's about to go off to avoid all damage!


Name: ArchaeAvis | Archeoavis | Archeoaevis (Heavy)
Stats: 1600HP | 2000MP | LVL 21
Defenses: PD 30 | PE 10% | MD 6 | ME 0%
Weak to Air. Immune to Earth.
Vulnerable to Blind, Slow.
Name: ArchaeAvis | Archeoavis | Archeoaevis
Stats: 1600HP | 2000MP | LVL 19
Defenses: PD 24 | PE 10% | MD 12 | ME 0%
Absorbs Ice. Immune to Earth.
Vulnerable to Blind, Slow.
Name: ArchaeAvis | Archeoavis | Archeoaevis (Heavy)
Stats: 1600HP | 2000MP | LVL 23
Defenses: PD 18 | PE 10% | MD 18 | ME 0%
Absorbs Fire. Immune to Earth.
Vulnerable to Blind, Slow.
Name: ArchaeAvis | Archeoavis | Archeoaevis
Stats: 1600HP | 2000MP | LVL 24
Defenses: PD 12 | PE 10% | MD 24 | ME 0%
Absorbs Lightning. Immune to Earth.
Vulnerable to Blind, Slow.
Name: ArchaeAvis | Archeoavis | Archeoaevis (Heavy)
Stats: 2500HP | 2000MP | LVL 20
Defenses: PD 6 | PE 10% | MD 30 | ME 0%
Immune to Air, Earth, Lightning, Ice, Fire.
Vulnerable to Blind, Slow.

Attack Patterns:

Archeoaevis has five forms, always starting with Form 1, then switching to Form 2 after Form 1 runs out of HP, and so on until Form 5. There's no indication of form changes other than elemental absorption changes and a dialogue box from Tycoon when Form 5 appears. The first four forms are always a 1/3 chance of Archeoaevis either inflicting a physical attack, doing an elemental attack to the party that does MaxHP/4 damage (except Blaze which does regular damage and inflicts sap), or a special attack that inflicts a certain status. The attacks of each form (in addition to regular physical attacks) are as follows:

Form 1: Breath Wing/Sap-inflicting physical attack
Form 2: Blaze/Poison-inflicting physical attack
Form 3: Flame/Blind-inflicting physical attack
Form 4: Thunder/Paralysis-inflicting physical attack

Form 5 has a Charm-inflicting physical attack and can use any of the above special attacks, adding the paralysis-inflicting Entangle and the "reduce to single-digit HP" Maelstrom on top of that.


* Each form change counts as a new monster, so you'll have to reapply Blind and Slow if you're using them (and you should use them if you can).

* The first form is the only one with a weakness, so take advantage of it while you can. Blue Mages and Geomancers will do well against the first form.

* Form 1 starts with high Defense and low Magic Defense, but each successive form lowers physical Defense and raises Magic Defense, with Form 3 having equal amounts of both and Form 5 having the inverse stats of Form 1 with high Magic Defense and low Defense. Plan accordingly.

* Avoid Fire/Ice/Lightning damage if possible since Archeoaevis can absorb them in various forms, including all three in the final form. Parties using Black Magic in particular should pay attention to which form Archeoaevis is in.

* Forms 2 and 4 are not Heavy, so they are susceptible to Demi, Death Claw, and X-Zone/Banish from a released Page 32, and for Form 4, L4 Graviga. Likewise, Form 5 is L20 and thus goes down easily to L5 Death.

* A Blue Mage can solo this easily doing the following, assuming Dark Shocks land (and retrying if they don't): Dark Shock, L5 Death (Form 1 dead), Death Claw, any damage over 10 (Form 2 dead), Dark Shock twice, L5 Death (Form 3 dead), Death Claw, any damage over 10 (Form 4 dead), L5 Death (Form 5 dead). Isn't Blue Magic wonderful?


Name: Puroboros | Byurobolos | Purobolos
Stats: 1500HP | 100MP | LVL 22
Defenses: PD 0 | PE 0% | MD 0 | ME 0%
Vulnerable to Death, Stone, Poison, Blind, Old, Sleep, Berserk, Silence, Stop, Slow.

Attack Patterns:

They will spend two rounds doing nothing, then have a 2/3 chance of doing a physical attack and 1/3 of using Exploder. If Summon magic is used on them, they will counter with Cura. When one dies, it will cast Arise on the other five Purobolos, reviving all dead ones (excluding those that died that round) to full HP. MP is not restored this way, however, so after two castings from one Purobolos it will not have the MP to cast a third time.


* The best way to take care of Purobolos is to kill all six at once, which means sticking to multi-target attacks. Black Magic is great for this, and despite the healing counter Summons work well too (plus it forces the Purobolos to waste MP). Blue Mages, Beastmasters, and Samurai should also do well here. Time Mages can break rods, and Rangers and Geomancers can try to get lucky with Animals/Gaia.

* If you don't have access to good multi-target damage, exploit status effects. White Mages and Mystic Knights can silence the Purobolos so that they don't cast Arise upon death, while Bards can use Romeo's Ballad to stop them.

* Otherwise, the best thing to do is to whittle them down to low HP and wait for them to use Exploder, since when a Purobolos uses Exploder it ignores its "Cast Arise on Death" counter. You could TRY to brute-force it and kill all six Purobolos repeatedly until they all run out of MP, but that's 27000HP worth of monsters to brute force, so it's not recommended, plus waiting for Exploder would still likely be faster.


Name: Titan | Titan | Titan (Human, Heavy)
Stats: 2500HP | 2000MP | LVL 1
Defenses: PD 10 | PE 10% | MD 0 | ME 0%
Absorbs Earth.
Vulnerable to Paralyze, Stop, Slow.

Attack Patterns:

Titan uses nothing but physical attacks, except for a 1/3 chance of using Earth Shaker every second round. On Death, Titan will use Earth Shaker, which deals huge amounts of damage.


* The big thing is nullifying Earth Shaker, since Titan will cast it on death and it may kill your party outright. There's a couple ways to get Float this early, though. Confusing/Controlling Gaelicats at North Mountain will have them cast Float on you. Chemists with Mix can mix Levisalve (Antidote + Maiden's Kiss) to have a person Float.

* You can try Paralyzing (with Beastmaster's whips) or Stopping (Time Mage/Bard) Titan right before he dies, though since he's Heavy it lasts a short time. Make sure to land the killing blow immediately after the status hits or you'll eat Earth Shaker anyway.

* Finally, you can always try boosting HP by switching to Monk and using HP +30% or a lesser one, or having a Chemist drink a Giant's Tonic to double their HP.


Name: Chim. Brain | KimaBrain | Manticore (Creature)
Stats: 3300HP | 1000MP | LVL 19
Defenses: PD 10 | PE 10% | MD 20 | ME 0%
Absorbs Ice.
Vulnerable to Death, Stone, Poison, Blind, Old, Berserk, Silence, Stop, Slow.

Attack Patterns:

Each round it has a 1/3 chance of casting Aqua Rake. The other 2/3 chance alternates between physical attacks and Blaze.


* It's weak to many status effects, in particular instant death, and it's not Heavy. In addition to the instant death methods listed in previous boss strategies, you can mix a Death Potion (Phoenix Down + Dark Matter from the Sol Cannon fight), or use the Samurai's final job ability (though chances are good you don't have it yet and it's certainly not worthing grinding for it in World 1 just for this guy).

* Flame Rings makes a character immune to Blaze (though I don't think immune to the HP leak it inflicts).