A comprehensive list of every possible Mix effect. This will be sorted in alphabetical order. For a quick reference, Kyrosiris made the incredibly useful Mix Chart below.

Mix Chart

GBA names are used, with SNES names next to them under "aka" if applicable.

Effect is "Always Hits" unless hit rate is listed at the end of the effect text.


TODO NEXT: Holywater


Antilixir (aka Dark Elixir)
Mix: Dark Matter + Elixir
Effect: Reduces target's HP to single digits. Fails if target is Heavy. (99% hit rate)
Of course it fails against most foes you want it to work against, but otherwise, assuming the target has low magic evasion, it's a handy way to end a fight quickly. On the flip side, it's also REALLY expensive and requires the two hardest-to-acquire materials, so you're probably better off finding other strategies and saving those mats for mixes for Heavy foes.


Balm of Gilead (aka Half Elixir)
Mix: Hi-Potion + Ether
Effect: Restores all of target's MP.
Reasonable cost for benefit. If you burn through MP quickly, this will be invaluable.


Blessed Kiss (aka Kiss of Blessing)
Mix: Holy Water + Maiden's Kiss
Effect: Inflicts Berserk, Image, and Haste on target. In the SNES and PS1 versions, this overrides Berserk immunity, though later versions fix this.
It's a niche but still useful mixture in the later games due to the buffs working well together. Of course, it truly shines in the early versions, where you can completely break apart enemies you have no business to break. You still want to exercise some caution using this since you're giving the foe Haste, but this thing can literally break the game, to the point where if you use this on W3 Tree Exdeath, you will completely bypass the entire NED phase! Utterly broken, but that's why it's so fun to play around with.


Cure Blindness (aka Cure Blind)
Mix: Eyedrop + PotionEyedrop + Hi-Potion
Effect: Cures Blind status and heals HP. Amount healed is (30 + RND(0,3) - MDEF) * ((LVL*MAG)/256 + 4)
The recovery is small and does not ignore defense, but the cost is cheap if you're going to heal Blind anyway.


Dark Ether
Mix: Dark Matter + Ether
Effect: Removes 3/4 of target's current MP. (99% hit rate)
Another situational mix. Costs a valuable Dark Matter, and generally any enemy you want to remove MP from has better methods of handling with other Mixes. Generally though it'll do a better job of removing large amounts of MP than Lilith's Kiss, so if you need to remove a foe's MP, this is your best way to do it.


Death Potion
Mix: Dark Matter + Phoenix Down
Effect: Inflicts Death on target monster. Does not work on monsters immune to Instant Death. Works on Heavy monsters. Will fully heal undead.
It's an instant death mixture that always hits. It's a bit niche and requires valuable Dark Matter, but it's one of the best uses of Dark Matter you'll have. No reason not to use it on the right foes.


Devil's Juice
Mix: Dark Matter + PotionDark Matter + Hi-Potion
Effect: Deals 666 damage. (99% hit rate)
A strictly-worse Blowfish. Unless you're trying to do something gimmicky, this isn't worth spending Dark Matter to use.


Dragon Defense (aka Dragon Armor)
Mix: Dragon Fang + Phoenix Down
Effect: Grants target Reflect, Protect, Shell, and Regen buffs.
Four useful and handy buffs, all in one Mix. Shell alone makes this worth it, Protect is also awesome, Regen is just a bonus. Reflect may be good or bad depending on your team, but it's usually good and will wear off anyway. Solid Mix for hard hitters.


Dragon Kiss
Mix: Dragon Fang + Maiden's Kiss
Effect: Gives target "Dragon" and "Heavy" properties.
The Dragon property is nice to give enemies, as it makes them vulnerable to weapons that do extra damage to Dragons, just as the Dragon Whisker, Dragon Lance, and Apollo's Harp. The Heavy property is nice to give allies, as it makes them immune to certain attacks, such as gravity, reduce-to-single-digit HP attacks like Death Claw, and certain instant death attacks like X-Zone/Banish. Situational, but covers a lot of situations and has a surprising amount of versatility.


Dragon Power
Mix: Dragon Fang + PotionDragon Fang + Hi-Potion
 Adds 20 to target's level, max of 255.
Easily one of the best Mixes in the game. Level factors a lot into many calculations, both offensive and defensive. Monk suddenly becomes a powerhouse, dangerous status moves like White Hole end up harmless, you can even level up an enemy to max and then L5 Death them. Fantastic mix for lengthy fights like the final boss.


Dragon Shield
Mix: Dragon Fang + Ether
Effect: Grants immunity to fire, ice, and lightning-elemental attacks.
It only grants immunity, not absorption, so the three "Resist X" mixes for the elements are better. However, if you want all three it'll also take three mixes per character and require Phoenix Downs, so if you only need immunity and need to block stuff fast, this will work for you.


Dud Potion 1 (aka Failure 1)
Mix: Turtle Shell + Elixir
Effect: 75% chance of inflicting HP Leak. 25% chance of reducing foe to single-digit HP if target is not Heavy.
The HP Leak is pointless unless you're somehow opting to use the Mix for Quickleaking instead of a Venom Rod. This leaves a 25% chance of bringing a foe to single-digit HP, and only if they're not Heavy, and it costs an Elixir to boot. Hard pass.


Mix: Potion + Turtle ShellEther + EtherEther + Holy Water
 Recovers 80MP. Doubled by Pharmacology.
Doubles the regular MP recovery Ether gives. It's nice early-game, but once Hi-Potions are readily available and your mages get more MP this gets outclassed. Still not a bad mix on its own, though, especially when done by a Chemist.


 Elixir + PotionElixir + Hi-PotionElixir + EtherElixir + Holy WaterElixir + AntidoteElixir + EyedropsElixir + Elixir
Restores HP and MP to maximum values. If target is Undead and not Heavy, sets HP to single digits (but still restores MP as normal).
Pointless since the effect is the exact same as using one Elixir. Maaaybe if you're really concerned about speed to the point you don't want to switch from the Mix menu to Item, then why not waste a Potion, but even that's a stretch.


Goliath Tonic (aka Giant Drink)
Mix: Dragon Fang + Elixir
Effect: Doubles target's Max and Current HP. Has no effect after the first use on a target during a battle.
Expensive, and of course pointless for the Chemist themself since they can just use !Drink for the same effect, but otherwise this is very useful for bigger fights like Omega/Shinryu/NED where the extra HP could mean the difference between life and death. Solid mix overall.


Mix: Hi-Potion + Hi-PotionHi-Potion + Holy Water
Effect: Heals 900HP. Deals damage if target is Undead. Doubled by Pharmacology.
Can be useful if you need quick, cheap healing. There are better HP recovery mixes, but the item cost is relatively cheap once you hit World 2, so it can still be worth using for awhile until HP totals start outpacing its recovery.


Kiss of Life
Mix: Phoenix Down + Maiden's Kiss
Effect: Revives target with half HP and full MP. Misses if target is not dead. If target is Undead and not Heavy, kills target. (99% hit rate)
An inferior version of Resurrection. If you REALLY want to use ???? with a dead character with no MP, I guess this would be better...? Otherwise, pointless.


Lamia's Kiss
Maiden's Kiss + Eyedrop
Inflicts Confusion on target.
Confusion is one of the more useful debuffs you can inflict on a foe, and this method is cheap and always hits. Of course it's not useful if the foe is immune to confusion, but a surprising number of bosses are vulnerable, and of course this is handy for other situations, like learning Blue Magic. Solid, underrated mix.


Levisalve (aka Levitate)
Mix: Antidote + Maiden's Kiss
Effect: Grants Float to target.
Useful if you're not using Time Mage and don't want to spend a lot of time confusing cats and eagles for Float. Especially handy against Titan. Not the flashiest mix, but it's still nice to have.


Life Shield
Mix: Phoenix Down + Holy Water
Effect: Renders target immune to instant death attacks. Need to test which ones...


Lifewater (aka Water of Life)
MixPotion + Hi-Potion
Effect: Sets Regen.
Regen is alright, but generally you're going to heal more with one Hi-Potion than you will with Regen across an entire battle until the end game, and at that point there are much better mixes available. Not really recommended.


Lilith's Kiss
Mix: Maiden's Kiss + EtherMaiden's Kiss + Elixir
Effect: Drains MP from target. Drain is reversed if target is Undead. Amount drained is (45 + RND(0,1) - (MDEF/32)) * ((LVL*MAG)/256 + 4) (99% hit rate)
As far as MP recovery goes, Balm of Gilead will usually be better. That said, there's a couple bosses, like Bridge Gilgamesh, where draining the target's MP is both a good idea and takes a reasonable amount of time to do, and this drains a significant enough amount of MP to matter, especially on a job with high magic. Situational, but still nice to have.


Maiden's Kiss
Mix: Maiden's Kiss + PotionMaiden's Kiss + Hi-PotionMaiden's Kiss + Maiden's Kiss
Effect: Cures Toad status and heals HP. Amount healed is (30 + RND(0,3) - MDEF) * ((LVL*MAG)/256 + 4)
The recovery is small and does not ignore defense, but the cost is cheap if you're going to heal Toad anyway.


Neutralizer (aka Neutralize)
 Antidote + PotionAntidote + Hi-Potion
Effect: Cures Poison status and heals HP. Amount healed is (30 + RND(0,3) - MDEF) * ((LVL*MAG)/256 + 4)
The recovery is small and does not ignore defense, but the cost is cheap if you're going to heal Poison anyway. (Yeah I'm copy/pasting this, so what)


Phoenix Down (aka Fenix Down)
Mix: Phoenix Down + Phoenix Down
Effect: Revives target with 1/4 max HP. Misses if target is not dead. If target is Undead and not Heavy, kills target. (99% hit rate)
Pointless mix. If you're reviving a dead character, use Resurrection, which is both better and cheaper. If you're killing an Undead target, one Phoenix Down is just as effective.


 Potion + PotionPotion + Holy Water
Effect: Heals 90HP. Deals damage if target is Undead. Doubled by Pharmacology.
At the point you normally get Chemist, this is already pretty weak. I guess it's alright under a Chemist since it heals 180HP, but there are better options.


Mix: Phoenix Down + EtherPhoenix Down + Elixir
Effect: Revives target with full HP and MP. Misses if target is not dead. If target is Undead and not Heavy, kills target. (99% hit rate)
The exact same effect as Resurrection, except this requires more expensive and rare items to mix with the Phoenix Down. I see no reason whatsoever not to use Resurrection over this mix.


Remedy (aka Panacea)
Mix: Turtle Shell + Phoenix Down
Effect: Cures all status effects (besides Death and Zombie) on target character.
Handy for curing multiple status effects at once. Otherwise, you're better off using Smelling Salts for temporary status effects or specific items for permanent status effects. Honestly not as useful as it would seem since multiple status effects on a target is pretty rare.


Resist Fire
Mix: Ether + Eyedrop
Effect: Target absorbs all fire-elemental attacks.
Situational, of course, but very useful in those situations. Especially useful for Omega, and to a lesser extent Shinryu.


Resist Ice
Mix: Phoenix Down + Antidote
Effect: Target absorbs all ice-elemental attacks.
Not as useful as Resist Fire, but still can be useful against the right foe.


Resist Thunder
Mix: Phoenix Down + Eyedrop
Effect: Target absorbs all thunder-elemental attacks.
Probably the least useful of the bunch since Thunder attacks aren't as prevalent as the other two, but still something nice to have when you need it.


Resist Poison
Mix: Antidote + Ether
Effect: Grants immunity to Poison status effect.
If you're scared of Poison damage that bad, then knock yourself I guess. Otherwise there's no real point to this. Maaaaaybe useful for Grand Cross, maybe...?


Mix: Phoenix Down + PotionPhoenix Down + Hi-Potion
Effect: Revives target with full HP and MP. Misses if target is not dead. If target is Undead and not Heavy, kills target. (99% hit rate)
Very useful defensive mix, and by far the best of the "revive target" mixes. Small extra cost to put a person back in at full strength. The MP recovery is a nice bonus, too.


Succubus Kiss (aka Drain Kiss)
Mix: Turtle Shell + Maiden's Kiss
Effect: Drains HP from target. Reverses effect against Undead. Damage Formula: (255 + RND(0,31) - MDEF) * ((LVL+MAG)/256 + 4) (99% hit rate)
This ends up being one of the biggest damage dealers in !Mix due to the sheer power of the mixture. Even the Chemist's middling Magic stat will deal four-digit damage with this, and it'll get more ridiculous on a job with a high Magic stat. The healing it gives is a wonderful bonus. Easily one of the best mixes available, and it will be the Chemist's bread and butter as far as offense goes.


Toad Kiss
Mix: Dark Matter + Maiden's Kiss
Effect: Inflicts Toad on target.
Most foes are immune to Toad, and it costs a Dark Matter. Not going to see much, if any, use.


Triple Ether (aka Ether Dry)
Mix: Hi-Potion + Turtle Shell
Effect: Recovers 160MP. Doubled by Pharmacology.
Not the full recovery Balm of Gilead gives, but Turtle Shells are also easier to get than Ethers. Should still be solid for most of the game, especially if a Chemists mixes this up. It'll depend on various factors and probably just personal preference which you should use for your needs.


Mix: Ether + PotionEther + Turtle Shell
Effect: Sets target's current HP to max HP. If target is Undead and not Heavy, current HP is set to single digit.
Full recovery is very useful, and spending an Ether is not a bad cost to get it. This should remain useful for the entire game.