Name: Antlion | Antolyon | Antlion (Heavy)
Stats: 8100HP | 1000MP | LVL 34
Defenses: PD 20 | PE 10% | MD 20 | ME 10%
Weak to Water. Immune to Earth.
Vulnerable to Blind, Old, Sleep, Berserk, Silence, Slow.

Attack Patterns:

Every fifth round it'll use Stomach Acid, which does damage and inflicts HP Leak. Otherwise it has a 2/3 chance of a physical attack and 1/3 chance of Dischord, which halves the target's level.


* Go all-out on offense. You only have two characters, and with a 1/3 chance of having one character's offense significantly reduced each round, the battle will get more and more drawn out the longer you take to kill it. Any water attacks you have will help (Aqua Rake isn't technically a water attack, unfortunately)

* Access to level-independent attacks like 1000 Needles and Comet will help bypass Dischord's effects as well.

* As usual, status effects are great. No clue if Silence blocks Dischord (I'm guessing no), but Berserk and Sleep will prevent him using it.

* It's not really necessary but it can be hit by Old so might as well return the favor right?


Name: Gargoyle | Gargoyle | Gargoyle (Human, Heavy)
Stats: 5000HP | 300MP | LVL 33
Defenses: PD 13 | PE 10% | MD 12 | ME 35%
Absorbs Holy.
Vulnerable to Death, Stone, Poison, Blind, Old, Sleep, Paralyze, Berserk, Silence, Stop, Slow

Attack Patterns:

Every fifth round, a Gargoyle has a chance of using Transfusion, which kills the user to restore the HP of the other Gargoyle. If one Gargoyle is ever alone when it's their turn, they will fully revive the other Gargoyle.


* The big thing is their "Will revive the other when alone" trigger. Easiest way to do this is to kill both at the same time with a multi-target attack. Alternatively, use one of the many status effects to freeze one in place (Sleep, Paralyze, Berserk, Stop) so it can't act when the other dies. If you're really stuck, you just have to weaken both evenly and then have to be fast enough to kill both before the second one acts.

* Otherwise, their attacks are only physical attacks, so Blind/Blink/Protect/Guard/High Defense will make the defensive side of the fight a joke.

* Though the Pyramids fight may be a pain, every fight after that you'll have access to the Magic Lamp, which will cast a summon from Bahamut down, so killing them evenly for the other three temples should be much easier.


Name: Merugene | Mellusion | Melusine (Heavy)
Stats: 20000HP | 500MP | LVL 29
Defenses: PD 90 | PE 10% | MD 0 | ME 10%
Weak to Fire. Absorbs Lightning, Ice. Immune to Water, Air, Earth, Holy, Poison.
Vulnerable to Blind, Sleep, Paralyze, Confuse, Silence, Stop, Slow.
Name: Merugene | Mellusion | Melusine (Heavy)
Stats: 20000HP | 500MP | LVL 29
Defenses: PD 90 | PE 10% | MD 0 | ME 10%
Weak to Ice. Absorbs Lightning, Fire. Immune to Water, Air, Earth, Holy, Poison.
Vulnerable to Blind, Sleep, Paralyze, Confuse, Silence, Stop, Slow.
Name: Merugene | Mellusion | Melusine (Heavy)
Stats: 20000HP | 500MP | LVL 29
Defenses: PD 90 | PE 10% | MD 0 | ME 10%
Weak to Lightning. Absorbs Fire, Ice. Immune to Water, Air, Earth, Holy, Poison.
Vulnerable to Blind, Sleep, Paralyze, Confuse, Silence, Stop, Slow.
Name: Merugene | Mellusion | Melusine (Heavy)
Stats: 20000HP | 500MP | LVL 33
Defenses: PD 0 | PE 0% | MD 90 | ME 90%
Absorbs Lightning, Ice, Fire. Immune to Water, Air, Earth, Holy, Poison.
Vulnerable to Blind, Sleep, Paralyze, Confuse, Silence, Stop, Slow.
Attack Patterns:

Melusine starts in Form 1. She will do physical attacks and will cast two of Firaga, Blizzaga, and Thundaga, not casting the magic of the form she's currently weak to (for instance, if she's weak to Thunder, she won't cast Thundaga). After three rounds, she'll have a 1/3 chance of switching to another form randomly. This raises to a 2/3 chance if she doesn't change after three more rounds. Form 4 uses all three attack spells (but no physical attacks), though it also has significantly lower defense than the other forms.


* Start off using your strongest fire attacks since she starts in Form 1. You'll have at least three rounds to bomb her before she can switch forms.

* Shell is great here since most of her offense is magic-based. Likewise, Silence works great here in neutralizing much of her offense.

* Libra or one of the Blue Mage's scan abilities is useful here, for obvious reasons. If she has no listed weaknesses, she's weak to physical attacks.

* Statuses like Sleep, Paralyze, Confuse, and Stop will prevent her from changing forms, giving you more time to take advantage of that form's weakness.

* Forms 1-3 have high physical defenses but low magic defenses, while Form 4 is the opposite.

* Non-elemental magic like Drain and Aqua Rake aren't too shabby.
Name: Odin | Odin | Odin (Human, Heavy)
Stats: 17000HP | 500MP | LVL 2
Defenses: PD 20 | PE 10% | MD 20 | ME 80%
Absorbs Holy.
Vulnerable to Stone, Blind, Old, Sleep, Paralyze, Berserk, Silence, Stop, Slow.

Attack Patterns:

He alternates his rounds between doing nothing, using True Edge (which deals random damage to the entire party, similar damage formula to Comet), and a physical attack. If you don't defeat him in one minute, it's Game Over.


* Offense, offense, offense. You have one minute, hit him hard with everything you've got. You need high offense to take him out in time, no getting around it.

* It's easier to heal through True Edge than try to prevent it, as status effects won't be as effective as usual due to the time limit and his high magic evasion.

* The exception is stone, since that'll kill Odin instantly. His magic evasion is very high though, so you'll pretty much need Break Blade or a lot of brute forcing to get it to stick.


Name: Stalker | Stoker | Wendigo (Heavy)
Stats: 20000HP | 8192MP | LVL 7
Defenses: PD 10 | PE 0% | MD 20 | ME 10%
Absorbs Water. Immune to Earth.
Vulnerable to Blind, Sleep, Slow.

Attack Patterns:

Each round, Wendigo has a 2/3 chance of doing nothing, with the other 1/3 alternating between magic (Mind Blast, Hurricane, and Confuse) and physical attacks. The gimmick to this fight is there's only one real Wendigo and three imposters, and attacking an imposter does no damage and if the attack was multi-target leads to a Frost counter. Attacking the correct Wendigo does damage and causes Wendigo to switch to another random position. He also does this every seventh round of combat.


* This fight will be a lot of trial-and-error. It doesn't help that Wendigo may use stuff like Mind Blast and Confuse to put characters out of commission. Fortunately, Wendigo doesn't actually attack all that often, so that'll make up for the additional guesswork you'll be doing.

* Multi-target magic will lead to some nasty Frost counters, but Flame Rings and the Ice Shield will render those moot. Otherwise, unless you've got an able White Mage, AoE brute-forcing with Summons or whatever may not be the best strategy.

* No idea how Sleep works with the decoys' counters. I'll experiment and let you know (but feel free to experiment yourself, of course). Blind and Slow aren't as useful as usual but still not terrible.

* This is the only chance Blue Mages have to get Mind Blast until the castle section of The Rift, so take advantage of that!


Name: Minotauros | Minitaurus | Minotaur (Human, Heavy)
Stats: 19850HP | 0MP | LVL 37
Defenses: PD 0 | PE 0% | MD 0 | ME 0%
Absorbs Water, Earth, Holy, Poison.
No vulnerabilities.

Attack Patterns:

As you may expect, Minotaur only does physical attacks. It has a 1/3 chance of countering with physicals. Magic is impossible due to the Time Magic Mute being in effect.


* High defense and/or evasion is the way to go. Elven Cape is a huge plus, as is the Main Gauche if you don't mind the lowered offense. A Samurai's natural evasion is also helpful here.

* Most regular commands count as a physical attack, even the magic-based ones like Gaia.


Name: Omniscient | Omniscient | Omniscient (Heavy)
Stats: 16999HP | 30000MP | LVL 53
Defenses: PD 0 | PE 0% | MD 8 | ME 0%
Weak to Air.
Vulnerable to Blind, Old, Paralyze, Berserk, Silence, Stop, Slow.

Attack Patterns:

As you may expect, Omniscient casts nothing but magic. His list of spells is pretty big, but he has a good variety of Black, White, and Time Magic, though the worst of the lot are the -ra spells, Graviga, and Bio. Once he goes below 4000 HP, he casts nothing but -aga spells. When he dies, he casts Flare (and unlike Minotaur's Holy, this will actually go off). Finally, if you use a physical attack against him, he'll counter with Reset, sending the battle back to the very beginning with everything undone. He starts the battle with Protect, Shell, and Regen.


* The biggest way to exploit Omniscient is Silence. Mystic Knight can nullify this fight quite easily with Silence Sword. Most classes can use the Mage Masher as well, except since it only has a 33% proc rate and wears off of Omniscient quickly, you'll pretty much need a Reflect Ring so you can attack yourself and bounce the Silence off yourself onto Omniscient so that the non-proc attacks won't reset the battle.

* Otherwise, you can Berserk Omniscient as well, but he hits like a truck so you better be prepared to manage heavy physical attacks if you go this route. Blind on top of that will help immensely if you can manage both statuses.

* If you have a Reflect Ring, you can stand there and wait for Omniscient to kill himself. Some spells will still get through Reflect, like Drain (though the Bone Mail and having a weak weapon in case of Charm will prevent you from dying), so you still need to pay some attention, but you can do nothing but occasionally heal and let Omniscient die. Of course, it's also possible due to his Regen that you may need to wait out all 30000MP to be depleted. If he can't cast the 1MP Libra, then you know he's out and can't cast Reset, so you can then wail on him with physical attacks. Either way, be prepared for a long, long fight doing this method. (Note: In the mobile/Steam versions Omniscient will still Reset even if he has no MP.)

* If you do end up going this route, use a Mage Masher to proc Silence and then immediately throw an Ether at him. This will overflow his MP and result with him having only 9999MP. It cuts the fight by two thirds, so that's something at least.

* Pretty much any non-magic command will trigger Omniscient's physical Reset counter, even if it doesn't do physical damage. Gaia, Throw, Release, an offensive Mix, even breaking a rod will reset the battle. Omniscient in particular has an exception for Steal, in case you want a second Kornago Gourd.


Name: Triton | Triton | Triton (Undead)
Stats: 13333HP | 10000MP | LVL 37
Defenses: PD 0 | PE 0% | MD 25 | ME 60%
Weak to Ice. Absorbs Fire.
Vulnerable to Death, Stone, Poison, Blind, Old, Sleep, Paralyze, Confuse, Silence, Stop.
Name: Neregeid | Nergade | Nereid (Undead)
Stats: 13333HP | 10000MP | LVL 20
Defenses: PD 0 | PE 0% | MD 25 | ME 60%
Weak to Fire. Absorbs Ice.
Vulnerable to Death, Stone, Poison, Blind, Old, Sleep, Paralyze, Confuse, Silence, Stop.
Name: Phobos | Phobos | Phobos (Undead)
Stats: 13333HP | 10000MP | LVL 39
Defenses: PD 0 | PE 0% | MD 25 | ME 60%
Weak to Earth. Absorbs Poison.
Vulnerable to Death, Stone, Poison, Blind, Old, Sleep, Paralyze, Confuse, Silence, Stop.

Attack Patterns:

Each opponent uses physical attacks and magic specific to them: Nereid uses Blizzaga and other ice attacks, Triton uses Firaga, and Phobos uses Bio. Whenever any one or two of them dies, the remaining ones will revive the dead and counter with Delta Attack, which petrifies a character.


* The key is to kill them all at the same time to stop them reviving each other. It's useful to hit with elements that none of them are affected by, such as lightning.

* The big thing is all three are susceptible to Odin due to not being Heavy. Magic Lamp Odin can end this fight with no issue.

* Otherwise, they're all undead, so Curaga and especially Requiem will make short work of these guys.

* If you don't have any good multi-target moves (and don't want to cheese the fight with Odin), make use of status effects like Stop, Sleep, and Paralysis to stop them from reviving each other. Since they aren't Heavy, statuses should stick around a bit. Silence won't stop their counter but will stop most of their magic.

* If you're going the single-target route, they're vulnerable to Stone.


Name: Leviathan | Leviathan | Leviathan (Heavy, Dragon)
Stats: 40000HP | 2000MP | LVL 37
Defenses: PD 25 | PE 10% | MD 15 | ME 70%
Weak to Lightning. Absorbs Water. Immune to Earth, Fire.
Vulnerable to Blind, Silence, Slow.

Attack Patterns:

Leviathan has three main attacks: a regular physical attack, a physical attack that inflicts HP Leak, and the water-element Tidal Wave, which hits all characters for solid damage. There's also a round where he can cast the non-water elemental Aqua Rake. Sometimes Leviathan will take two actions in a row which can be any combination of his big three attacks. He has a 1/3 chance of countering physical attacks with Entangle and a 1/3 chance of countering magical attacks with Tidal Wave.


* There's a Coral Ring in the Istory Falls dungeon, so having your main healer wearing it is a good idea for this fight since it'll nullify Leviathan's big attack.

* As you probably expect, you want to exploit his weakness to lightning. Keep in mind that stuff like Throw and breaking rods is considered physical, even if it involves magic, which is handy since Leviathan's physical counter is much less threatening than his magical one.

* Blind neuters his physical attacks, so that and a Coral Ring will make a character close to invincible for the fight.

* Finally, if you're having trouble, Leviathan is actually optional. You can do the entire dungeon, get the tablet, and just leave without having to fight Leviathan. He has a free Reflect Ring drop when he dies, though, in case you need one. In fact, Leviathan's not that great a summon to begin with since you can only boost Water damage with a Chemist mix, so Syldra with Magus Rod will usually do more damage.


Name: Bahamut | Bahamut | Bahamut (Heavy)
Stats: 40000HP | 10000MP | LVL 99
Defenses: PD 10 | PE 5% | MD 20 | ME 33%
Immune to Earth.
Vulnerable to Blind, Silence, Stop, Slow.

Attack Patterns:

Bahamut's attack patterns change based on his HP. He starts off only having a 1/3 chance of Mega Flare each round (2/3 chance of nothing), then this changes every 5000 HP he loses. For the rest of the fight, he has a 1/3 chance of a physical attack and alternates between two spells for the other 2/3. In order: 35000 - Atomic Ray/Blaze, 30000 - Flame/Earth Shaker, 25000 - Aqua Rake/Thunder, 20000 - Maelstrom/Snowstorm, 15000 - Poison Breath/Zombie Breath, and at 10000 HP it's 2/3 chance of Mega Flare. When he's at 10000 HP, he'll also counter Mega Flare with Mega Flare.


* One of the reoccurring tropes of the series is being able to reflect Bahamut's Mega Flare on himself, and that's just as true here. Reflect, Carbuncle, and Reflect Rings will make short work of Mega Flare and will pretty much win you the fight once he's under 10k.

* You'll want either solid healing for his many various attacks or to attack as quickly as possible to try to skip certain phases.

* Take advantage of his various phases. For example, Flame Rings make him much less threatening early on, especially if you have Float to cancel Earth Shaker as well. You know your team's elemental strength better than I.

* Or simply spam !Calm/Romeo's Ballad to nullify him. Slow's also useful, of course.

* Magus Rod or Air Knife-boosted Syldra outdamages Bahamut on all enemies that don't absorb wind, so Summoners are welcome to skip Bahamut as well since few bosses at this stage of the game absorb wind.


Name: Gogo | Gogo | Famed Mimic Gogo (Human, Heavy)
Stats: 47714HP | 60000MP | LVL 77
Defenses: PD 30 | PE 30% | MD 20 | ME 99%
Immune to Water.
Vulnerable to Silence, Slow.

Attack Patterns:

Gogo mimics your actions, at least as far as the game allows. He counters physical attacks with his own powerful hits, magic with powerful magic, and nothing with nothing. Supposedly he'll also fully heal himself after every attack but maybe he doesn't? Need to double-check that at some point. Once he goes under 33k, he decides to stop screwing around and releases nine brutal attacks in a row, including three Meteors, and then just spams more nasty attacks from there.


* The easiest and sanest way to beat him is to do what he says and mimic him. He starts off by doing nothing. So do nothing yourself. Keep doing nothing. Eventually he'll be so impressed with your brilliant mimicry skills he'll give up and leave.

* If you want to beat him by doing damage to him... Uh, good luck. You'll need to withstand his brutal attacks and be able to deal significant damage. Dual-wield Rapidfire Flare Sword's probably your best bet. You'll also want either very high levels or a Bard and/or Chemist to get you to very high levels. There's not much skill in this, fighting Gogo with force is gonna be harder than Omega or Shinryu. It's possible but it won't be pretty. Good luck if you're that crazy.