Haste - Increases rate of ATB gauge by half.

Haste [!Time] - Always Hits.

Time Mage

World 1, Buyable at Walse, Karnak, Istory for 320 gil

Hastega [!Time] - Always Hits. Affects entire party.

Time Mage

World 2, Buyable at Moore for 6000 gil

Blessed Kiss [!Mix] - Always Hits. Adds Image and Berserk.


Mix Maiden's Kiss + Holy Water

Hasty-ade [!Mix] - Always Hits.


Mix Turtle Shell + Eyedrop.

Speed Shake [!Drink] - Always Hits.


World 2, Buyable at Regole, Bal Castle, Quelb, Surgate, Moore for 110 gil
World 3, Buyable at Mirage for 110 gil

Hermes Sandals [Armor] - Automatically starts battle with Haste.


World 3, Buyable at Mirage for 50000 gil
World 3, Phoenix Tower - Cherie (Rare Drop)
The Rift, Dimensional Castle

Masamune [Weapon] - Use as item.

Freelancer | Samurai

World 3, The Sealed Castle